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January 12, 2017

Why Us

We provide • Quality Works • Affordable Prices • On-Time Delivery • Honesty and Transparency • Vast Technical Experience • Dedicated Online/Offline Support: • Talented Team to Understand the Client’s Requirements

Quality Works

Quality Works provides market research and business support services. We specialize in collecting and analyzing information about customers, employees and competitors. QWA solutions map the path to customer loyalty, employee satisfaction and organizational success. Our consultants and programs focus on maximizing client’s company effectiveness, compliance with applicable requirements and profitability.

Affordable Prices

Many people believe that they can simply set up a website and it will make money for them. They fail to see the bigger picture; fail to see what work is actually involved in the process. The fact of the matter is that many websites are designed and set up to make money but never actually do.

This can be down to something extremely simple and easy to fix, but with little or no experience at all in the field of web design it can seem like to much of a job to take on and many of us simply fall at the first hurdle and quit.

Another very common misconception is that people assume that having a website designed for them by a professional company will cost them thousands of pounds. This is simply not true and because of this rumor, a lot of people try to learn the basics and do it themselves.

Once they have done this and are not happy with it, it then costs a lot more to fix. This is basically because it can take a lot more time to fix lots of mistakes than to start from scratch and do it right all the way through. Therefore, it is obvious that it is a much better tactic to hire a good company from the offset.

There are many companies out there that are providing web design at very reasonable prices now-a-days and it is simply a matter of finding the right one for you and your company. For a small fee, you could end up owning a completely bespoke website, designed to suit you and your business. When searching for a company that can do this for you, it is advisable to always do a little research beforehand to ensure that you are getting the best deal.

Occasionally, you will drop onto one of the best in the business, for example a company who has a dedicated web designs team and not purely a one man operation. Whilst one man bands can work quite well sometimes, unfortunately it is very rare as these people tend to get overwhelmed with their workload and cannot complete your site on time.

A larger company should have a dedicated team for each aspect of online business that they do and this way, you can rest assured that your business will always be a priority whilst you are working with them.

On-Time Delivery

In a world where timeliness is everything, delivery becomes a critical component of each success story.

On-time delivery is measured as percent achievement within a window of time that brackets the customer-requested date and/or the business’ committed date and is not improved by quoting long lead times and turning down tough business. Using time as a metric allows for improved quality and decreased costs as process times are reduced through systematic barrier removal.

The key element to improving on-time delivery is the standardization of the criteria by which each supply chain segment is measured against. Problems arise when different segments define on-time delivery differently and in ways that are not tied to the commitment date to the customer. By aligning all internal lines to a common standard it is easier to drive different parties towards what they need to achieve.

Honesty and Transparency

One of the most important factors that differentiate us from the crowd is that we guarantee significant amount of trust and ensure strict confidentiality of all services and projects handled by us.

Vast Technical Experience

Well developed technology and a team that is highly computer-literate form the foundations of our strength. The wide span of our expertise across myriad technologies and platforms has made us proficient to provide Affordable Application Development to our clients.

Dedicated Online/Offline Support

At Elegant InfoTech, providing 24X7 Customer Support is all about understanding customers’ technical/non-technical issues using chat and email and then resolving them in most appropriate manner. We are commit-ted to help organizations in managing their support functions in most timely fashion, with utmost quality and within their budget.

Talented Team to Understand the Client’s Requirements

Senior professionals of these firms allocate a significant amount of their time to this process, sacrificing important fee-earning hours. There is a very clear understanding that each professional is not only responsible for building the firm’s client relationships and intellectual property but, very importantly, the firm’s talent base. Often they are explicitly assessed for their contribution in this respect.