Search engine optimization also referred as SEO service is mainly the science of making our website important to the search engines in order to rank highly in their search results for a strategically defined set of keywords. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services is the only key to online success in a scenario where competition is rising high. Online businesses have benefited a great deal throughcompetent and efficient search engine optimization (SEO) Website Promotion Services, Internet Marketing Services, and Pay-Per-Click Management Services.

With more than 10 years of experience in online marketing Elegant InfoTech SEO specializes in search engine marketing services. We focus on all the aspects of search marketing including Search Engine optimization (SEO), Social Media Optimization (SMO), Paid per Click Management Services (PPC), Banner Advertising, Web Submissions and Affiliate Marketing, Video Optimization. We also have expertise in link building and content writing and optimization to help you enhance your rankings and boost relevant traffic towards your site. Our online marketing services combine both the creative and technical facets of the internet which include design, development, advertising and marketing.

Our SEO Services include organic search engine optimization, pay-per-click management services, reciprocal and one-way link building, website content writing & optimization, banner advertising, affiliate marketing, online pr building (forums, discussion boards, blogs), interactive advertising, social media optimization, corporate blogging & social networking, directory submissions & bookmarking, pay per click mgmt on Google analytics, article syndication & press releases, paid advertising for business network, and email marketing services etc.

Our Search Engine Optimization Process:

  • Website analysis (Meta, body, images, style sheets).
  • Keyword analysis.
  • Directory submission.
  • Competitors analysis.
  • Article Submission.
  • W3C validation.
  • Press Releases.
  • RSS Submission.
  • Links from thematic sites.
  • Promoting Subsequent pages Of websites.
  • Removal of bad links.
  • Google Site Map generation.
  • Content optimization.
  • Video Optimization.
  • Increase in link popularity.
  • Social Book marking.
  • Blog Submission.
  • Social Media Optimization.
  • One way linking Process.
  • Local / International Search Optimization.
  • Video Promotion
  • Monthly Search Engine Optimization Report.

Elegant InfoTech - Complete Internet Marketing - Why to Choose Us?

Our Internet Marketing Services are now not about driving traffic to a website through SEO, PPC campaigns; we take your Internet marketing campaign one step further by applying key SEO strategies to ensure that you complete your internet marketing goals.

  • Internet Marketing Company with Clients of India, UK, US, Canada, Germany
  • Having more than 5 Years of Experience in Internet marketing and SEO services.
  • Organic Search Engine Optimization practices
  • An assurance to achieve top Search Engine Ranking on Google, Yahoo & MSN
  • Project Punctuality
  • 24 * 7 Customer Supports and Interaction.
  • Affordable SEO Packages.
  • Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.

Our SEO Process

Make the most of the internet boom!

Ninety percent of the net traffic is through the major search engines. In order to exploit this potential online buyers market it is vital that your website is visible to the surfer from the millions of websites on the internet. The way to achieve this is to have a and other search engines. Elegant Infotech can carry out programs for your site and you will see the difference in the traffic to your site and your ranking on search result pages in no time at all.
Our team of dedicated experts will study your site, business and market behavior to bring forth the perfect key words for your text. This process is bound to increase your visibility on the net and consequently make a dramatic difference to your business performance.
Our team of dedicated experts will study your site, business and market behavior to bring forth the perfect key words for your text. This process is bound to increase your visibility on the net and consequently make a dramatic difference to your business performance.

Our Search Engines Optimization Program will include :

  • An in depth study of your website, target visitors, industry and competition.
  • Determination of the search engine friendliness of your site and location of any blocks.
  • The detailed research into and selection of relevant keywords and key phrases for your business.
  • Optimization of your pages using appropriate keywords.
  • Creation of Search engine friendly site map and optimizing text based navigation of the site
  • Incoming / one-way or reciprocal linking building
  • Submissions of home page by hand to the top search engines & directories
  • Ranking reports and tweaking if necessary after optimization of the site
  • Pre and post optimization evaluation of site with details of ranking and visibility.

LSI is only one example. The search engines are constantly changing their ranking methods in order to create the best possible experience for users so using professional search engine promotion services is the only one way to keep up with those changes without losing your ranking.

Choosing Search Engine Promotion Services

If you decide to use search engine promotion services,be sure to find out what is included in these services. Elegant Infotech can help you through every step of the process: researching keywords, writing the content, even updating the optimization periodically. This is the type of service you want so that you can sit back and put your web site's future on the search engines in the hands of trusted, experienced professionals who will generate the results you want.

Copywriting Services

Website Copywriting / SEO Content Writing:

While the look of your web site may need to be attention getting, its content also needs to be top-notch. Not only will the content be judged by visitors to your sites but also by the search engines when they are calculating your ranking placement. That's why SEO copywriting services play such a vital role in the success of your site.

What are SEO Copywriting Services?

As you already know, an important part of search engine optimization is choosing keywords and using those in your site's content so that they will rank higher when those specific words are searched for by users. However, the way the words are used in the content is important and that's where SEO copywriting services are most important.
We've all been to sites that are clearly written only for the keywords. The sentences make little sense – sometimes it even seems as if they have been generated by software. The web site offers no informative content – only fluff. With changes in how search engines calculate rankings, the engines are looking to alleviate this problem by boosting the rankings for keyword rich content that sounds natural not contrived. To create that type of content, however, you need professional SEO copywriting services because it's not as easy to do as it sounds.

Benefits of SEO Copywriting Services:

Most of your traffic comes to your site to be informed. When you use SEO copywriting services, you can do just that. By writing high-quality content that is both informative and persuasive you'll be able to keep those visitors longer and convert more of them into customers or repeat visitors. That's definitely a plus.
Additionally, SEO copywriting services will help you secure better rankings because the quality of the content they create will be vastly superior to anything most of us can do with words.

Finding SEO Copywriting Services :-

Most of these SEO copywriting services are available through the same sites that handle other aspects of your SEO efforts. Elegant Infotech, for example, offers both SEO copywriting services at affordable prices and copyediting services to assist you in fine tuning your existing content.

Ethical SEO

We undertake to use only ethical SEO practices.

We at Elegant Infotech recognize that in order to be successful a website must have a high ranking on search engine result pages. Our clients naturally expect that, as a result of our SEO processes and other internet marketing techniques, their website should see increased traffic and bring to their company increased sales and revenue.

We believe that these results can be achieved as a result of our diligent research and hard work. We follow the guidelines listed in Google's Webmaster Guidelines scrupulously and our ethics do not allow us to use any practices that are listed as problems.

We use generally accepted optimization techniques and follow the best practices of the business. We focus on providing well written relevant content pages with judicious use of appropriate keywords, updating the matter regularly. We add high quality incoming links that use relevant keywords in the link anchor text .We also keep the title tags updated. Our blog marketing and articles marketing techniques are highly ethical and place the most emphasis on writing high quality page copy, with well placed keywords.

Often the ethical guidelines of the search engines may seem to be at contradiction with what our website clients want. We appreciate that the website owner wishes to achieve the highest possible search engine rankings as soon as possible. We explain the limitations and boundaries that good ethical practices which will eventually benefit his website on the long run.

Our professional ethics do not allow us to use techniques that are not acceptable to the search engine guidelines. We do not use include cloaking, hidden text, link farms or intensively cross linked sites to achieve higher search rankings. We take care to see that the content is not plagiarized. We also do not deal with dubious websites dealing with services and products that are not acceptable to our ethics.

Ranking in Google

We will help you reach the top!

In order to make the most of the online or web market it is vital to keep a track of the ranking of the website with the various search engines. On the other hand it is practically impossible to keep close and regular tabs on the daily fluctuations of ranking, keeping in mind the large number of key words that have to be searched for each web page. SEO Companies have the onerous task of following and trying to maintain high rankings in Google and various other search engines of the pages of all their clients.

It is not enough just to make submissions to important search engines to get high rankings in Google and other search engine result pages. Search engine optimization with the use of appropriate key words, Meta tags and anchor texts and favorable incoming link building all help to improve the position of the web site on the search engine result pages.
Most sites aim for high rankings in Google as this is the most popular search engine. Targeted traffic from here is more likely to use the services provided by the website.Without high rankings in Google it is unlikely for any website to have optimum visibility on the net

Search engines do not approve of their bandwidth being wasted on feeding content to soft ware queries at the expense of genuine web users. As a part of our SEO services we can track and maintain your search engine rank for you.

Our SEO Packages

We have designed our Ultimate SEO Packages to make sure you get the best search results possible. Our SEO Packages are comparable and you can just compare it while keeping the quality offering in your mind and choose the best one package.

SEO Case Study: Shower seal UK has a mantra: if we don't have it, we'll get it!

One thing SSU didn't have when it was referred to Elegant InfoTech in April 2014 was an e-commerce site. They came to us with a mission to extend the business of its as a leading supplier of Bath Shower Screen SealsMagnetic Door Seals, Bifold Seals and many other plumbing products sourced in the UK where possible through online sales. Shower Seal UK needed a partner to help turn its idea into a reality, and Elegant InfoTech was the group to make it happen.

As a purveyor of all things plumbing, Shower Seal wanted to hang its digital shingle and establish its brand online. With hundreds of specialized products on its digital shelves, SSU needed a user-friendly site and steady web traffic.

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Duration: 6 Months (Minimum)

Complete SEO Package
  • Keyword Research and Analysis ( Maximum 25 )
  • Meta Tag Update
  • URL Rewrite (For Dynamic/ Bespoke/ E-commerce Websites )
  • Robots Creation and Submission
  • Image and Hyperlink Optimization
  • H1/H2/H3 etc - Header Tag Creation & Optimization
  • Google Sitemap Submission
  • XML Sitemap Creation and Submission
  • Video Optimization ( YouTube )
  • Search Engine Submission ( Top 100 )
  • Directory Submission Manual ( Minimum 1000 )
  • Module Contribution and Integration ( For Dynamic/ Bespoke/ E-commerce Websites )
  • Creation of Landing Pages
  • Social Media Optimization ( Mainly focused on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn )
  • Google Image Optimization
  • Google and Yahoo Map Optimization
  • Site Monitoring and Report
  • Content Rich Article Submission /Guest Posts on High DA, PA Websites
  • Blog Submissions & Update
  • Hand submission to the major quality Directories and sub-directories
  • Forums Submission
  • Business Classified Submission ( Minimum 100 )
  • Blog Directory Submission
  • Social Book Marking ( Minimum 100 )
  • RSS Submission
  • Starting a Link popularity campaigns to increase the Link Popularity of your website
  • Search Engine Performance Analysis report
  • Google AdWords and PPC Campaigns ( As Per Request )

Duration: 6 Months (Minimum)

Video Optimization SEO
  • Keyword Analysis ( Maximum 5 Keywords )
  • Ensure at least 2 Videos in YouTube Top 20.
  • Uploading your video on Multiple Video sharing Websites
  • Creating a keyword targeted Unique TITLE tags for Video uploading
  • Creating Description of your Video
  • Assigning the Right Tags to the Videos
  • Creation of multiple User Account
  • YouTube Keyword Research Tool for Video SEO
  • YouTube Video Ranking Report.
  • Tracking of the Video
  • Video views over time.
  • Sites linking to your video.