January 12, 2017

Search Engine Optimization-Faq’s

What are the services you offer and within what time frame?

We offer comprehensive SEO strategy including link building services, keyword search optimization, paid advertising services and SEO content copy writing. We normally take 4– 6 weeks for a project, depending on the size of the website.

What are the search engines to which you will optimize the web site?

We try and ensure good results on all important search engines such as Google, MSN, yahoo alta vista, ask me and hotbot.

How do you make changes to the website?

We make recommendations for the website and the client implements the changes. Or if we are provided with the FTP access, we implement the changes at our end and inform the client.

How are submissions made and optimization effected?

We make submissions to the top ten search engines which handle 90% of the web search traffic. Our optimization is also done manually and is more effective than any software available. We use the most current knowledge base about search engine behavior and track the changing trends. We carry out a thorough customized analysis and follow this with recommendations for improving traffic to the website.

How can I be certain my site will do well and how do you track site ranking?

We offer no guarantees but our experience and expertise can ensure a sustained high rank on important SERP s. We use ethical methods of promotion and run a ranking report before optimization and a second one 8 weeks after optimization.