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January 12, 2017

Ranking Maintenance Services

Why are Ranking Maintenance Services important?

The ranking maintenance service is important to maintain the top ranking achieved by SEO efforts and consistent high position of your website in search engine.

Your website ranking in search engine can be changed for many reasons?

Pages can change for many reasons:

  • Your competitors may optimize their sites as a result of which your web page rank may be lowered.
  • There are constant changes and improvement in Search Engine Algorithms.
  • The visitors often change their search and online buying patterns.
  • There may be a change in the market share of the search engine.

Ranking Maintenance Services make fine tune and update the site regularly and maintain and improve the web site ranking.

What will Elegant Infotech do for us when we opt for Ranking Maintenance Services?

What we do in our Ranking Maintenance Services is dependent on your requirements and the package selected.

Usually the package includes:

  • A monthly Ranking report.
  • Ongoing Key word research – depending on package.
  • Competition Gap Analysis – as often as contracted.
  • Algorithm change updates –for a certain number of predetermined Pages.
  • Regular Traffic analysis.
  • Search Engine Optimization of new content as requested.
  • Monthly Page rank, link back and Search Engine saturation reports.

Can we add new content to the website as a part of these Ranking Maintenance Services ?

Adding new content to the website is a part of search engine optimization. SEO copy writing involves finding search engine friendly key phrases and using them appropriately. Since Search engine algorithms change continuously, the site requires Ranking Maintenance Services. Depending on the package selected, new content can be added from time to time.