January 12, 2017

FAQ Pay Per Click Management

Click in to success!

What are the initial costs of Pay per Click management? There is a start up fee when you sign up for our

Pay per Click management for:

  • Studying and planning the objectives and business plan
  • Pay per Click key word and key phrase research
  • Copy and creative work for the advertisement
  • Program initiation and management fee

Does your Pay per Click management program cover all search engines?

Our Pay per click management is usually run on following search engines:

  • Google Adwords
  • Overture Network
  • Find what
  • These three control 98% of the search market
  • We recommend Espotting and Mirago for Pay per Click advertisements aimed for UK and Europe.

Is there a minimum monthly budget or period for which you undertake Pay per Click management?

There is no minimum budget or duration that we require to run our Pay per Click management program.

Would special landing pages have to be prepared as a part of Pay per Click management?

Our initial site assessment process will identify suitable landing pages or recommend any changes if needed. You will have to make these changes. We can also create landing pages for a separate fee.

Do we have to give our credit card details?

Yes our Pay per Click management program needs your credit card details before the start of the program. We will draw out a contract to safeguard the interests of both parties against financial irregularities. However if you prefer we can help you through the process of creating PPC accounts with the various search engines used.