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January 12, 2017

Ethical SEO Company

We undertake to use only ethical SEO practices.

We at Elegant Infotech recognize that in order to be successful a website must have a high ranking on search engine result pages. Our clients naturally expect that, as a result of our SEO processes and other internet marketing techniques, their website should see increased traffic and bring to their company increased sales and revenue.

We believe that these results can be achieved as a result of our diligent research and hard work. We follow the guidelines listed in Google’s Webmaster Guidelines scrupulously and our ethics do not allow us to use any practices that are listed as problems.

We use generally accepted optimization techniques and follow the best practices of the business. We focus on providing well written relevant content pages with judicious use of appropriate keywords, updating the matter regularly. We add high quality incoming links that use relevant keywords in the link anchor text .We also keep the title tags updated. Our blog marketing and articles marketing techniques are highly ethical and place the most emphasis on writing high quality page copy, with well placed keywords.

Often the ethical guidelines of the search engines may seem to be at contradiction with what our website clients want. We appreciate that the website owner wishes to achieve the highest possible search engine rankings as soon as possible. We explain the limitations and boundaries that good ethical practices which will eventually benefit his website on the long run.

Our professional ethics do not allow us to use techniques that are not acceptable to the search engine guidelines. We do not use include cloaking, hidden text, link farms or intensively cross linked sites to achieve higher search rankings. We take care to see that the content is not plagiarized. We also do not deal with dubious websites dealing with services and products that are not acceptable to our ethics.